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Callan PinckneyCallan Pinckney is the founder of the Callanetics program. Callan studied classical ballet before spending almost eleven years backpacking around the world. The travel, combined with the problems of a congenital back defect, resulted in physical collapse. To relieve her own back and knee pain without surgery, Callan used her years of ballet training to develop a series of non-impact exercises that isolate specific muscle groups and use tiny, precise (yet powerful) movements called pulses to increase strength and flexibility. Not only did she succeed in avoiding surgery, she totally transformed her body. The exercises gave her a strong, tight, beautiful body in a very short period of time.

Work-out Callan Callan then introduced the program to the world in the 1980s and it quickly became a long-standing major bestseller. In 2008, Callan and her team of master teachers released Callanetics Evolution and CardioCallanetics. These new programs take the original Callanetics program to the next level by incorporating concepts that Callan and her master teachers have learned in the areas of body alignment, spinal mobility and safety, mind-body connection, pelvic floor training, and muscle memory. The application of these concepts produces even faster results. Past and present, the Callanetics Exercise Method continually receives high marks from the medical and scientific communities. (see links below).

Physiology of Callanetics Exercises - Patty Brittingham, R.N., M.A.

Callanetics for General Health - Nancy Gerard, O.T.R.

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