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- Is the Callanetics program a weight loss program?

No, the Callanetics exercise method is a toning program. That being said, the physical changes that you see after every class will make you look as though you are losing weight. Many clients lose 1 to 2 dress sizes without losing a pound!

If you wish to lose weight in addition to changing the shape of your body, then the magical formula is combining the Callanetics program with cardio exercise (20 to 30 minutes three times a week - Check out HoopDance!) and clean eating. That being said, thanks to the body shaping power of Callanetics exercise, for every pound that you lose through cardio and proper eating, you will appear to lose two pounds. In addition, you will be gaining precious muscle with every class that you complete. Muscle stokes your metabolism, because muscle burns more calories even at rest.

- How often should the class be taken?

Two classes a week are recommended to see rapid results, although one class a week will still produce changes.

- How soon will you see results?

Many feel changes after only one class and many see changes after only two classes.

- Who can do the Callanetics program?

Anyone age 8 to 86 can get the same amazing results doing these exercises. You need not have any athletic ability or coordination to perform Callanetics exercises. The only prerequisite for the program is a strong desire to have a tight, beautiful body!

- Is it safe for someone who is really out of shape and/or overweight?

Yes, it is! The genius of Callanetics is that it works for everyone, regardless of fitness level.

- Are there any medical limitations?

No, Callanetics exercises can be modified to accommodate almost all physical limitations without sacrificing the effectiveness of the program. In fact, the Callanetics program was specifically designed to accommodate individuals with back and knee problems, and trainers and physicians have prescribed Callanetics exercises as a method of cross training and medical recovery. Callanetics is recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine.

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