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Callanetics Exercise Craze Returns After 1980s Heyday
- by Hannah Roberts

To read it directly on the U.K's Daily Mail Online web site (March 19, 2011), click here!

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It went out with leotards, shoulder pads and frizzy perms.

But Callanetics -- the 1980s exercise sensation which promised to make you look ten years younger in ten hours -- is making a comeback. The resurgence has been fuelled by celebrity trainer Tracey Anderson who incorporates it into her routines.

Callanetics is even rumoured to be the secret behind Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow's age-defying bodies.

Followers claim that the lifting and tightening effect of one hour of the U.S. fitness fad is equal to 20 hours of aerobics. But thousands of once-loved Callanetics video cassettes have been gathering dust for more than two decades.

Now trainers have noticed a 35 per cent surge in class take-up in some parts of Britain over the past three years. Experts estimate that there are now 1,000 regular students and classes at ten sites around the UK.


A DVD, Callanetics: Evolution, will introduce the moves to a generation who cannot even remember the days before VHS. By using small movements known as pulses, the body's deepest largest muscles are activated. Instructor Julia Mellor claims: "By activating these major muscles you go straight to the source of toning the body for a good figure."

Trainer Karin Mackenzie insists you feel the difference "from the first session," adding: "It smoothes out cellulite and has a lifting effect on the bottom."

The micro-movements were invented by American Callan Pinckney from classical ballet exercises to help ease a back problem she was born with, and had a powerful sculpting effect on the body. Her book is a bestseller and her video remains in Amazon's top 1 per cent of U.S. DVD sales. Callanetics: Evolution DVD is launched at next week's Vitality Show at Earls Court.

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