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Hi! My name is Jennifer Manson. I have never had dance instruction. I have never played a sport. What I have always done is some form of personal exercise. However, by my late thirties and with two children, my exercise options became extremely limited. The vigorous routines that I could do at the gym or follow at home on video were now too much for my knees and my beleaguered feet. My forays into pilates and yoga left me uninspired. I could not seem to get results. Other programs I considered looked unsafe, and usually required a time investment that I just did not have. Frustrated, I came across my old friend, Callanetics.

In a handful of weeks after starting the program, my legs that I thought could never be changed due to genes completely changed their shape. I received numerous compliments regarding my arms and for once in my life I was happy with my rear view. Absolutely amazing! The program transformed my posture and gave me total body awareness, all done with no impact to my knees, feet, or back. Entranced with the program, I decided to become a certified Callanetics teacher, so that I could share this remarkable program with others. I know you can have a strong, tight, beautiful body!

In addition to the Callanetics Method, I have also fallen in love with a new form of cardio exercise, HoopDance. I first saw HoopDance as a form of exercise on the Ellen Degeneres show. Marisa Tomei was the guest and she explained and demonstrated how hooping helps her to stay in shape. It looked like so much fun, I knew I had to try it. Upon getting my hoop, I was delighted to find out that I could do waist hooping after one session. Granted, my waist hooping was not super smooth, but I was hooping! After that, the other positives about hooping became obvious. I could pick up the hoop and do 10 minutes of hooping here and there throughout the day, quickly adding up to the recommended 20 to 30 minutes of cardio a day. I no longer had to try to carve out a 30+ minute chunk of time to do cardio. What a godsend as a full-time mom of two young boys! Since I have a travel hoop that can be folded to half its size, I can HoopDance anywhere. Finally, I loved how hooping can be either high-energy or meditative. I can either rock out to my favorite song or I can just waist hoop for a more zen workout. With all the different moves, it is impossible to be bored. HoopDance is fun, portable, and, most of all, addictive. Give it a try!

As an Official Bodyhoops® Instructor, I have completed hoop training approved by ACE, the American Council on Exercise.

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